Forum Title: Which way does my Watts Pure Water RO auto shutoff valve go?
I can't figure out which direction the auto shutoff valve for my Watts Premier Pure Water RO system is supposed to attach. Here is the diagram they provide: and here is the actual part: I've been reading conflicting information on whether the tank and inlet line belong on the "In" side or the "Out" side of the valve, and on each of those, I'm not sure which tube goes in the top or bottom connection. If I had it connected incorrectly, did I destroy the valve?
Category: Plumber Post By: PEARL SCHWARTZ (Green Bay, WI), 03/03/2017

I'm going to guess that it wouldn't matter....UNLESS there are arrow indicators on the part. Looking closely at the first pic showing the shut off valve, it appears there is a difference from the left to the right sides. Yeah, a phone call to the manufacturer may be in order.

- RUTH THOMPSON (St. George, UT), 09/13/2017

unless their are markings, i dunno call the 800 # for tech assistance

- THEODORE SIMS (New York City, NY), 10/02/2017

I found another diagram. The green tube (from adapt-a-valve and to filters) goes on the labled side of the auto shutoff valve and the blue tube (to/from tank/filters) goes on the unlabled side with the screws. The adapt-a-valve and tank tubes go on the In side and the tubes to the filters on the Out side. Initially I had In and Out correct, but the blue and the green reversed so I'm not sure if that damaged it.

- JAMIE LYONS (Madera, CA), 10/07/2017

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