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I have a mobile home and I plan to relocate the washing machine and dryer to the master bathroom so my wife can use the current laundry area as a food pantry. We have no building code department but I want this done properly so I don't have problems later. I want to put the washer on the other side of a wall from the shower. The shower drains through the floor into a 1.5" drain. The vent, also 1.5, tees off about 1 foot and takes a 90 turn up through the wall and penetrates the roof. I want to put the washing machine on the other side of this wall and put in a P trap which will then tee into the vent stack. The water will drain down the vent stack pipe where it will drain into the same pipe from the shower which leads to the 3" main pipe. Currently the washing machine is vented with a check vent. My question is can I hook the washer drain into this vent stack and let it drain down through the current piping leading over to the main or will this create a suction on the P trap for the shower? If this can be done I can eliminate the check vent.
Category: Plumber Post By: ANNA SANCHEZ (Portsmouth, VA), 03/21/2016

Quote: Originally Posted by ExtraMilePlumbing You're ok , just make sure you're new San tee is 6 inches above flood level of showerAttachment 11569 Extramile , Did you get a code book ? damn things are high dolar aint they ? congrats...

- CATHERINE CARTER (Midwest City, OK), 09/14/2017

Yea frodo,they are expensive I've had the 2012 just haven't really used it.or when I did use it I couldn't understand it...well now I'm going to start getting more serious on my journey to open my own company.

- VIVIAN KELLER (Bryan, TX), 09/23/2017

You're ok , just make sure you're new San tee is 6 inches above flood level of showerImageUploadedByPlumbing Forum1460776312.905242.jpg

- MARSHA LOVE (Phoenix, AZ), 10/10/2017

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