Forum Title: Newly installed double sink won't drain.
I recently put a double sink in my kitchen where a single sink use to be. The single sink drained without a problem for years. Once I hooked up the double sink the water drained very slow. I thought it was because I hadn't attached the dishwasher yet which would allow for the pipes to vent, but once I did that then the sink stopped draining all together. I am very doubtful that it is clogged as it drained fine up until changing the sink. That would be a huge coincidence. I will attach an image. Please any help is appreciated.
Category: Plumber Post By: ALLEN GARZA (Fargo, ND), 04/02/2016

Anyone?Anyone?Anyone?Anyone?Anyone?Anyone?Anyone?A nyone?Anyone?Anyone?Anyone?Anyone?

- IVAN LUNA (Portland, OR), 09/05/2017

I see your problem. plan as day... your draining a 2 compartment sink into a garden hose. most comical thing i have ever seen....if you were to put the car's radiator hose back on the car and plumb that sink correctly it will drain. sorry,,,not trying to be a rude and obnoxious American, but damn,,,,is that legal up there? the plumbing inspector here would snatch that out of the wall and chase you down the street with it.!!

- ANITA MENDEZ (League City, TX), 09/17/2017

I'm going to say you have a venting issue, but I'm not an expert. Your IP shows us that you are from Canada. We have a few experts here that work in Canada, so maybe they can help you once they get done with their plumbing jobs.

- DEBBIE HARVEY (Conroe, TX), 10/02/2017

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