Forum Title: Need help with compression faucet ID.
I just need some advice on this particular sink. It's a commercial handwashing sink and I can't seem to get a read on the brand (no model number etc.). I need to replace the stem and seat washer for this sink but I can't seem to find the part in any local hardware stores. This is a 20 spline stem, and I was wondering if the brass part is interchangeable between brands or if it MUST be this specific part. I've attached some images of the sink and it's components to help ID the product. Any help would be appreciated as my stores health inspection is riding on this repair.
Category: Plumber Post By: DEREK DAVIDSON (Compton, CA), 03/17/2017

looks like a chicago to me. take your stem to your local plumbing store, NOT a hardware store, but a plumbing supply house look in yellow pages under plumbing supply and fixtures

- MEGAN SOTO (Nashville, TN), 09/03/2017

I found a family owned plumbing supply store that carried a full faucet installation kit which they happily dismantled and issued the necessary parts to me. They owner gave me a seat and some pipe joint compound but the faucet I'm working on doesn't even have seats in it, or room for a seat. Is that normal?

- DEBORAH CLARK (Owensboro, KY), 10/02/2017

Looks like a Krowne 4 faucet and stem. Are you sure it doesn't say Krowne on the faucet? It also looks like there are seats inside, though the photo looks a little dark.

- JACKIE HAYNES (Plymouth, MN), 10/09/2017

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