Forum Title: Leaky Shut off valve/direct to water heater?
Hi. definitely a plumbing rookie here. hope someone can help.... I disconnected a utility sink in my basement next to my laundry machines. The hot water valve won't stop dripping even when I shut off the valve. There's still a slow drop coming out of the end of the braided hose. (The valve assembly itself isn't dripping) I;ve followed the copper plumbing from the valve back to the water heater, there's no valves in between. There's a valve on the line on the water heater marked COLD, but that one starts to leak badly when I try to close it. I was hoping to be able to somehow turn off the water to that valve, and then just replace it (looks to be compression fitting on copper). I'll have to somehow drain the hot water heater to replace? I can provide any more info or pics if someone can help. Thanks!
Category: Plumber Post By: MARION PENA (Antioch, CA), 11/17/2016

Post a picture

- MAE HARMON (San Antonio, TX), 09/22/2017

Thanks guys. I got this fixed already!

- MELANIE ALVARADO (Bethlehem, PA), 10/04/2017

the valve at the Water heater turns off the hot water post a picture of that valve, we'll see if we can make it stop leaking

- FRANKLIN PARKS (Woodbury, MN), 10/14/2017

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