Forum Title: Leak or Faucet Problem?
I’m looking for some plumbing advice. A few weeks ago, I noticed a constant hissing sound behind the wall of my bathtub/shower unit. I initially thought that it was a leak. Since then, I’ve noticed that the noise goes away when I turn the shower's “heat” faucet knob extra tight (much tighter than I would normally turn it when shutting off the hot water in the shower). I can’t locate any water on the floor, either in the bathroom or in the room on the other side of the wall. There is a constant drip from the faucet (about one drip/second). I’m wondering if I have a leak problem or a faucet problem. Any help would be appreciated!
Category: Plumber Post By: SHERRI GARNER (Richmond, CA), 07/24/2016

Sounds like it is time to remove/replace the cartridges. Take lots of pics with the escutcheon plates removed, post them up, and hopefully one of the experts her can ID what you got and what you need to fix it.

- VICKI CRAIG (Chino Hills, CA), 09/02/2017

I followed your advice, and also removed a section of the wall in the next room to get a better look at the pipes. I can't detect any leaks. I removed the tub faucet when I was taking off the handles, and I noticed that there was a steady trickle of water coming from the spout (hot water). The problem has gotten a little worse over the past day or two - the hissing sound persists, even when I turn off the hot water handle extra tight.

- NICHOLAS COOPER (Dubuque, IA), 09/18/2017

I would start by removing the trim plate on the shower valve , you have single handles remove the hole cover plate . Then inspect for leaks

- JOHNNY PERRY (Bentonville, AR), 10/05/2017

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