Forum Title: Kitchen drain and vent connection help
First post here! A while back while using my kitchen sink, water started to come out from the bottom of my cabinets and I found out it was coming from inside my walls. I was able to access the drain through the exterior side of the wall and found that someone prior to us owning the house has already jerry rigged it with rubber connectors. What happen was the drain was clogged and the water backed up into the galvanized vent pipe and rusted it out. I cleared the clog and all is fine now but I am having trouble connecting the cast iron drain to the galv vent pipe. I attached a picture that should help... I was able to removed the lead from the hub and its pretty clean and in tact. I would like to not use lead and more cast and hopefully use ABS instead. I'm also having trouble finding something with the right angle to make this all work. Any ideas?
Category: Plumber Post By: KYLE MUNOZ (Albany, NY), 08/04/2016

I haven't thought of cutting it out...would it easy a easy task to source a rubber fitting to go from cast to abs? Any other ideas?

- EVA MONTGOMERY (St. Peters, MO), 09/26/2017

Cast - plastic couplings are as common as danilions in the spring. What Mr David has suggested is also the route I would take. Get yourself a good metal cutting blade and a reciprocating saw, then file your burrs.

- FRANKLIN PARKS (Brooklyn Park, MN), 10/02/2017

Cut that old double fixture tee out and replace it with a santee. Sometimes there is no easy fix. You are just going to have to bit the bullet. You don't need 2 traps on the kitchen sink.

- MARION SINGH (Las Vegas, NV), 10/06/2017

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