Forum Title: Intermittent Shower Leak: Need some troubleshooting help
Greetings Plumbing Forum Experts, I need some help troubleshooting a plumbing issue. About a week ago, we discovered a water spot on our dining room ceiling. We live in a townhome; directly above the dining room is the master bath. We called a plumber who cut a hole. Despite running the shower, bath, sinks, and toilet...they could find no leak. We left the hole open for two weeks, no leak. We were set to repair the drywall when four days ago, my wife happened to hear a metallic "ping". It was a drop of water while I was in the shower! We called the plumber back out...he ran the shower for 15 mins. No leak. He left. The last two days we have done some troubleshooting. The leak only occurs with the shower running. It can run for 15 mins dry as a bone and then when someone gets in the shower, it starts dripping. Image: The pipe in the foreground has water run down the side, and then drip off the bend at the bottom. I think the white pipe is the shower drain (in the center of the shower) and off to the left (out of the picture) would be the shower faucets. They are not directly above the concerned pipe. Video (not the best): [I will disable the video in a week or so] What other troubleshooting steps should I take? Thanks in advance!
Category: Plumber Post By: LARRY PEREZ (Columbia, MO), 03/07/2016

Sorry couldn't be drain. Almost has to be shower arm leaking inside wall. With head off turn arm counterclockwise. Clean threads. Get some Teflon. 2 maybe 3 wraps with Teflon. Then follow with a thread seal or even Vaseline. Your trying to make threads glide into each other so the Teflon digs into the threads.

- DARREN MANN (Ames, IA), 09/09/2017

James, Thanks for the reply. I'm not a handyman by any means, so I want to understand what you are saying. Are you suggesting I take off the shower head, cap it off, turn on the shower and then clean the threads on the shower arm (i.e. where the shower head was)? You think it might be leaking from the very top? Edit to add: The shower is controlled by a single knob. Much appreciated, Herk

- NICHOLAS COOPER (Gastonia, NC), 09/22/2017

The shower arm is threaded. I check this by removing the head only and getting a 1/2 female cap of any material it's temporary. Cap shower head and turn valve on. This pressurizes the shower riser pipe in wall. On the shower arm pull the chrome ring back and look at those threads with a flashlight. That's the upper most part it could be. Next remove face plate on valve and look at fitting on top of valve going up towards shower head. Still can't find it? Shove a rag in drain and let pan fill up with shower water. The pan maybe cracked or the drain has loosened from fiberglass.

- JEANNE NUNEZ (Houston, TX), 10/07/2017

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