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hello there I was hoping I could get some help with a problem i have been having on the home plumbing setup i have. Here's my setup, 1. a 1in main incoming line from the water meter to the house (pex-A) 2. that leads to a 1in inlet/outlet, 4.5 x 20 big blue triple water filter setup that house a 20 micron pleated filter, stepping down to a 5 micron pleated filter and then finally to a 1 micron pleated filter. 3. I have shutoff valves both pre and post water filter along with pressure gauges again both pre and post water filter. 4. from the water filter's it flows into a 24 port Viega MANABLOC. 5. from there a 3\4 cold line is run to the 75 gallon water heater and a 3\4 hot line is then fed back to the Viega MANABLOC to feed hot water to the house. 6. 1\2 line both hot and cold running from the Viega MANABLOC to the fixtures. all water lines are run with color coded Pex-a line from aquapex all fittings john guest twist-lock quick connect fittings sized appropriate for each line. Everything from the main incoming water line to the lines run to the fixture's including the water heater is brand new and only about a 2 weeks old now Now here's the problem that I have. I have slow to moderate climbing water pressure. what I mean by that is after say having taken a bath or shower the water pressure comes to rest at about 60 to 62 psi from there over the couse of about 6 to 8 hours the water pressure rise's to anywhere from about 90 to 100 psi and that is messured on both pressure gauges. I have already contacted my city water department and asked what the city's water pressure is run at and according to them it comes to my water meter at about 62 to 65 psi. I have even removed all 3 water filter's and I still get the rise in water pressure over the same time frame. as of right now the only connections I have to the Viega MANABLOC is the upstairs cold to the toilet and the cold to the tube and hot to the tub also the hot and cold to the kitchen which is on the first floor with approximately 30 of line for hot and cold.
Category: Plumber Post By: GORDON BANKS (High Point, NC), 02/27/2016

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