Forum Title: HELP! Installing 100`+ new sanitary line!!!
Hello, I will start with the short story of why I am replacing my line. I live in Pittsburgh, PA. My grandfather passed away about a year ago so my father inherited his house. After transferring the house over to himself he received a letter stating he had to dye test and camera his sanitary line. Knowing its terracotta i figured with such a long run it would possibly not pass. Needless to say it did not. I now have to dig up the pipe and possibly even replace the 8" wye main on the street as well if and when I dig the wye up the roots look like it cracked any part of it... I am a journeyman union local 66 operator who has done alot of this similar work but with a blue print and usually on a much larger scale on buildings... I have questions that keep coming up as I make a project plan and material list that I would like to clarify before i waste our money on senseless things that the inspector will fail me for anyways. I know the terracotta on the lower half of the line and going into the main Wye is 6"s. I am certain the cast iron coming out of the house is 4". I need to place a sch 40 pvc trap within 5` of the home with a fresh air vent, and clean-out on the downstream side of the trap. I am going Friday to pick up an endless supply of 6" sdr 35 pipe and fittings from work and a load of stone. Alot of fittings I will get from work but some I will need to purchase. Now here comes some questions... 1. It says "Traps shall be within 5` of house foundation and fresh air inlet shall be extended above finsiehd grade elevation. In addition, a tee shall be installed on the downstream or main sewer side of the trap with a pipe extending to grade and finished with a clean-out. The clean-out shall be connected to the house swewer or trap using a 4" by 6" SDR adapter coupling." - After the pvc trap I was gonna connect a 4x6 shielded fernco directly onto the trap and begin running my 6" sdr 35 from there. Is that a problem? I am unaware of what a 4x6 sdr adapter coupling is. Is that also known as a fernco (i know a fernco is a brand of rubber coupling so is that why they call it a adapter? or is it really a white hard adapter? Or does a 4x6 fernco the correct size to go from the 4" trap to a 4" tee hub for the clean-out? 2. If i am running a 6inch sight tee for a clean-out. Is it against code to place a 6" gasketed cap for the top of the clean-out or do I need a threaded cleanout? I have more questions but dont want to overwhelm you guys and girls
Category: Plumber Post By: BILL WALSH (Richardson, TX), 05/24/2016

Fernco will work but they do make SDR 35 reducers. You can get concentric which will put both holes centered or eccentric which will keep your flow line correct if you are using it horizontally. On your 100' run you might want to toss in a clean out half way through just incase you need access later.

- LORRAINE DAY (Des Plaines, IL), 09/17/2017

why a building trap? is that a local code or something? because its not needed. upc code says A building trape SHALL NOT be used. unless approved by administration authority if I was you. fight it. you do not need a trap or a sewer if your building sewer is 4 gord head, over whelm me. BTW..Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the vent, i would leave a 4'' female adapter flush with the ground, just like a co for the vent a 4'' male adapter with a 4x2 bushing reducer instslled, and the u-bendfrom a 2'' ptrap on a 12'' piece of pipe. then,,,after inspection. unscrew adapter, install co plug

- TYLER POWERS (Cottonwood Heights, UT), 10/04/2017

As for the clean out you might want to use a wye so that it will help run a cable in the right direction if you ever need to. You can do a gasketed cap but I would pull the gasket out of it or you will have a hard time getting it off later.

- VICTORIA WATKINS (Bellflower, CA), 10/09/2017

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