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*please note this is a 2nd occurrence in 24 hours, we did hire a plumber to come out and roto rooter from the clean out located outside of our house. he got a clog out and everything worked... but now the problem is back* We moved into a house that was pretty vacant for a while. Toilets flushed fine, drains drained fine, everything seemed fine. First night we move in and actually use all the sinks, bathrooms, take a shower etc... later that night, someone went to the bathroom and it wouldn't flush. So we tried a plunger but no luck. Tried flushing again but then it went through the shower drain. Toilet in the master bathroom was doing the same thing and so was the shower drain there. Seemed related. A plumber came out and used a roto rooter through the clean out located in our front yard. He went pretty deep until he was finally able to get out a clog. Everything started working normally.. we thought we were good to go. We go through a full day of usage. Then today, we have laundry going, dishes, cleaning stuff... and the toilet wouldn't flush. Then of course it goes through the same shower drain again. Same with master bathroom. Same problem we thought was already solved. Any ideas?
Category: Plumber Post By: ERIC SANCHEZ (Gresham, OR), 07/01/2016

If it was vacant for a long time, who knows what crusted up and is stuck in the lines, or there could be a sag in the line. Have a camera inspection performed.

- STACEY FLEMING (Rockwall, TX), 09/12/2017

He felt horrible. Came back for free and went on the roof to completely clear it out through the vent pipe! I hope that fixed things! Thinks he may have just poked a hole through the clog initially and didn't really clear it out completely. Hoping it's not a serious pipe issue where stuff will just keep catching onto and clogging. Guess we'll see how long the good flow lasts...

- PEDRO VALDEZ (Cheyenne, WY), 09/25/2017

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