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Hi Ok I have a 1/2 dia plumbing to a spigot coming out of a residential home with basic city water pressure. My goal is to split this line to create 3, 100 foot hoses all attached with basic pistol grip gray spray handles while limiting pressure loss when all 3 lines are used simultaneously. I am trying to maintain water pressure so here's my plan of attack. I will create a 3/1 manifold from sch 40 PVC pipe in 3/4 inch diameter. I will use 3 basic heavy duty hoses at standard 5/8 diameter. I will connect the manifold to the spigot and the hoses to the manifold. I need to be able to run all 3 sprayers simultaneously to shoot a tleast a 10-15 foot stream. I have learned that if I create my own manifold via PVC I can achieve full flow. With the specifications given I need the following answered.... Is it possible to achieve the desired result based on my plan? Should I build the manifold with 3/4 diameter PVC or 1/2? What diameter is gonna give me the best desired result based on my specification? (will it effect things if it goes from 1/2 out of the wall to 3/4 manifold to 3, 5/8 hoses)Optional Variable.....If my plan will not achieve the desired results Would the following variable below make it work...? I have 120 Volt Portable Utility Pump that can output 1500 GPH that can be installed between he spigot and the manifold if necessary.
Category: Plumber Post By: CHERYL RIVERA (Everett, WA), 01/19/2017

Hise bibs require 2.5 fixture units to property function. You need to measure you're water pressure and add up all you're fixtures and finally categorize according to distance.. Hope that helps.ImageUploadedByPlumbing Forum1461003885.674820.jpgImageUploadedByPlumbing Forum1461003914.917422.jpg

- TONYA BECKER (Jacksonville, FL), 09/09/2017

to answer your question you need to know what gpm and psi are at the hose bib

- CONNIE REYNOLDS (North Miami, FL), 09/10/2017

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