Forum Title: Dishwasher filling with water then leaking
Recently our Frigidaire dishwasher has been filling with water. Through an internet search I found that maybe there might be a blockage in our existing disposal unit. Disposal is not that old but has always worked fine. First we thought it wasn't draining. It would drain after we closed the door into the disposal and down the drain, no back ups. Water drains from the sink as well. So i don't believe there's a blockage in the line or in the disposal unit. I also thought maybe there was a blockage further down in the line and maybe when we showered and used a lot of water the drain would back up. There was water in the dishwasher this morning when we woke up. We shut it and the pump drained it into the disposal and down the drain. No issues. both my wife and I showered and no water in the dishwasher afterwards. After thinking about it more this morning I have been noticing the pressure in my water pipes has been higher than normal, at least initially when turned out. for the first second or two after turning on any faucet or shower head, the pressure is pretty intense then goes back to normal pressure. this has been happening for quite a while. Our pipes also rattle like hell when turning the water on or off. This hasn't always been the case. it's been like this for about 8 months to a year. I am wondering if the water pressure is too high for the dishwasher valve and is somehow forcing its way past the valve. Any ideas?
Category: Plumber Post By: JENNY NAVARRO (Berkeley, CA), 02/20/2017

you have a electronlc fill valve located where the water connects under the dishwaser,,,acessable from the front by removing the 2 kick plates...2 screws each upper corners turn off water, disconnect water line. remove 2 screws and unplug the little unit pull it out..either open it,,,and wash it out...might be trash or replace it, for around 20 bucks or. call an appliance guy and give him $180.00

- ALEXANDER HARVEY (Torrington, CT), 09/14/2017

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