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Hello... I need some advise regarding the water temperature in a condo. There is a unit above and below. Recently I was unable to get cold water. After some testing I determined that the balance valve in the shower was defective. I have since replaced the balance valve and the mixer valve in the shower and my testing seems to prove that the balance valve is working properly. However it is still hard to get cold cold water in the shower and sinks. It starts cold and eventually gets hotter. Is it possible that if a balance valve below/above my unit is defective that this could affect cold water? Thanks, MCA
Category: Plumber Post By: KENNETH MARTIN (Centennial, CO), 04/17/2017

you said condo In my area a condo is an apartment that the occupant owns the reason I said that is, you said you share the water system. Is it illegal in your area for someone else's utilities to be on your property ? here, each condo must have its own utilities and the piping from another can not pass thru your owned space just curious..

- GEORGE MOORE (Scranton, PA), 09/07/2017

Thanks for the reply... Yes, we do share hot and cold. My plan was to contact each above and below to check their water and perform my test. The unit one door down and across the hall has cold water. Just FYI... I tested my balance valve by turning off say the cold to that unit and then open the cold faucet. I got flow and hot water. Since replacing the balance valve this test passes. Thanks, MCA

- ANITA MENDEZ (Santa Cruz, CA), 09/10/2017

There can be a few other contributing factors. If you have a common cold and hot system with other units it can be hard to evaluate even for me with out access to the other units. How knows what someone may have done in their unit. could be the system. failed check valve on a hot recirc line. Maybe a plumber made a repair and changed something. Ask your neighbors if they are having the same issue. If so have building management check into it

- BRETT RHODES (San Diego, CA), 09/22/2017

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