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Recently the condominium complex I live in (in CA) has been dealing with plumbing issues that seem to be stemming from improperly bent copper pipes. There have been a significant number of slab leaks and pin hole leaks. My questions are: Is there any way to tell whether improper techniques were used to bend a copper pipe? Is it typical for the pipes under the foundation (for slab leaks) and in the walls (for pin hole leaks)? Thank You
Category: Plumber Post By: BARBARA ROWN (Odessa, TX), 03/06/2017

What city are you in? Normally you don't bend copper unless it is a Type K soft copper and then it is better to bend than use a fitting. Where are the pinhole leaks? At a fitting or just inline?

- MAURICE KELLER (San Jose, CA), 09/05/2017

Pin holes are usually do to acidic water or a funky ph/chemical reaction.

- CAROLE DANIEL (Auburn, AL), 09/23/2017

pin holes are very common if the piping is not sleeved and is in contact with the concrete. the bending of the copper does not cause pin holes the acid soil, rocks rubbing the copper and contact with concrete does to see and verify sleeving. look at the copper as it comes thru the concrete. is their a sleeve?

- MARIE MITCHELL (Kalamazoo, MI), 10/02/2017

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