Forum Title: Cold water return loop?
Hi, I was thinking about setting up the plumbing of my cold water in a loop (like a hot water return). So i would have the one line branching off to everything then another line going from the begin of the main water line to the furthers cold water tap. Does anybody advise me if this would have any benefits e.g. if a separate tap is turned on while somebody is in the shower the shower tap may not get a pressure drop as much? Or would this be a pointless addition? Any help would be appreciated thanks guys
Category: Plumber Post By: SALLY NEWMAN (Gary, IN), 07/31/2016

ok,,,,new build. what size is the pipe from the meter to the manifold? what size pipe is from the manifold to the fixtures ? is it plumbed with 1 manifold ? everything out to fixtures from there?

- ANTHONY LEE (Edinburg, TX), 09/06/2017

I want to get the same principle as a circular manifold so you dont feel pressure drops when somebody flushes the toilet and your in the shower e.t.c ( YouTube ). It is a new build all pex, plumbing is in but no walls as of yet so i will be able to modify it relatively easily

- DON AUSTIN (Malden, MA), 10/07/2017

before i says pointless, what are your issues? what is the piping material now ?

- MARIO HOWELL (Boston, MA), 10/10/2017

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